Since 1984, the Central Dauphin Golf Teams have named a most outstanding female golfer at the end fo the season. This award is given to the player who excels the most on the golf course during the regular and post-seasons.

Each match is weighed according to its signifigance as well as the strength of the field. Points are also awarded by how well each player plays during the stipulated round. Below is a chart that breaks down how points are earned. At the end of the season, the player with the highest point total is awarded the Player of the Year award. 


1984 Debbie Eckroth  1987 Debbie Eckroth  2006 Erica Dechowitz 2010 Sara Mater 2013 Allison Cooper 
1985 Debbie Eckroth  1990 Joslyn Difibaugh  2008 Rebecca Engle  2011 Allison Cooper    
1986 Debbie Eckroth  1991 Joslyn Difibaugh  2009 Sara Mater 2012 Allison Cooper